Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wade Christmas List

Blake- Breanna
Michelle- Stephen
Savannah- Bryson
Janelle- Ryan
Allysen- Janeece
Spencer- Aspynn

Aaron- Janelle
Heather- Savannah
Connor- Spencer
Bryson- Michelle
Breanna- Allysen

Curt- Mike
Jordan- Blake
Aspynn- Aaron
Angela- Kyrsten
Alan- Connor

Ryan- Julie
Kyrsten- Alan

Julie- Angela
Stephen- Curt

Janeece- Jordan
Mike- Heather


Jeanna B. said...

You forgot that Alison was going to buy Rufus a present! lol. She kept telling me that she would bring it every Sunday so that he would get it and I should bring him back every Sunday to her grandma and grandpa's house :) Cute kid

Chelle Belle said...

Thanks Neece! I have momnesia and I lose my list all the time and now I can just come here to remember.

Ariane Edwards said...

Janeece!!! I've been trying to get ahold of you!!! check out my blog site too.... love- Ariane

Peggy said...

Update, update, update- let's get going so I can continue to stalk you! Thanks!