Friday, July 3, 2009


You are looking at the new Redwood High School Freshman Volleyball Coach! I am very excited about this position because I absolutely LOVE volleyball! I have played volleyball competitively for 6 years, and I now play at open gyms and such. This will be my 1st time coaching. I think it will be challenging, but I am excited to try something new and maybe learn some things along the way! This is my senior year volleyball picture with my sister.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things

I did this on Facebook and it was kind of fun, so I wanted to post it here too:

25 Random Things about Me

1. I love going out to eat with friends, family, or whoever. I especially love Taco Bell and Olive Garden, but I also like to explore new places like local Mexican restaurants, or downtown eateries.

2. I love Dogs. I never knew I was a dog person until I got my miniature poodle named Mary Jane. She is like my child. My husband and I actually started watching the TV show The Dog Whisperer. We love the show and it helps us understand our dogs better.

3. I love to go the mountains especially the Sequoias. I like to camp and see nature, but I don’t like to be in nature for long periods of time. I’m too much of a wimp when it comes to the cold, bugs, or no showers. The campfire and nature strolls make up for it though.

4. EVERY NIGHT before I go to bed, I tuck my pajama pants into my socks. I hate when my pants ride up and my legs get cold. Pajama pants must be properly secured!

5. My junior and senior years of high school I was involved in SRO (students reaching out against drugs and alcohol), volleyball, softball, conflict management, student store, and I completed 4 years of the business academy. I was even voted Senior class “Best Personality”.

6. I LOVE my Ipod. It’s one of my best friends. My favorite band/singer is Paramore, Daughtery, Carrie Underwood, and Colbie Caillat.

7. I’m late to a lot of events including church, work, and appointments.

8. I have a travel itch…I want to explore the world and see and experience all sorts of different places and cultures. My husband and I went on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera, and that was the start of it. It was so fantastic and intriguing!

9. I love getting dressed up, and “looking cute”. The way I see it… me at my BEST is the “real me”. This includes my face with make- up, my hair done, a good attitude, and a happy contenance.

10. There are lots of twins in mine and my husband’s family. My husband has sisters who are twins, and nieces who are twins. I have a brother and sister who are twins, and I myself have a twin sister. My husband and I would love to have a set of twins ... but we’ll see.

11. I love social events. I have actually gone to 3-4 parties that I wasn’t invited to. I love talking, laughing, and making friends.

12. The most trouble I got into during my school days was in 5th grade. I started wading up toilet paper, getting them wet , and throwing them on the bathroom ceiling. I got about 4 other kids doing it, then one of them ratted me out. Haha!!

13. I like artsy crafty stuff. I love making jewelry. I made a cute silver necklace once and actually received 3 compliments on it in 1 day! Woo-hoo!!

14. I am in a group that plays bunko once a month and it’s super fun! I plan on starting a craft club once a month so I can learn how to do more stuff from other people.

15. I worked at FedEX in Reno, NV for about 3 ½ years and I LOVED it. It’s been my favorite job I’ve ever had because I learned a ton and make lots of good friends.

16. I love watching movies and my favorite TV shows , which include American Idol, Grey’s anatomy, Lost, Wife Swap, the Dog whisperer, and The Girls Next Door…although I’m pretty upset about them breaking up.

17. I recently started wearing glasses. I have a love hate relationship with them right now.

18. I don’t necessarily like to work out, but I LOVE the results, so I try to work out often in order to stay healthy.

19. When I moved away from home, I discovered that I can be funny and outgoing. Apparently not everyone is as funny and crazy as my family. I was the quiet one in my family, not so in the real world…weird.

20. I’m very indecisive. I go back and forth in a decision then I still can’t make a decision. I once spent an hour in Sportsman Warehouse trying to decide which tackle box I should get for my crafts. It drove my husband nuts!

21. I love going to the beach, lake, river, or pool. I love the water, even though, I’m not that great of a swimmer.

22. I was an Account Manager for a logistics company for almost 2 years. I quit a couple months ago because my husband is the night manager for WinCo Foods and we weren’t seeing each other. I am now a housewife. It’s kind of weird to go from workaholic to stay at home wife, but I’m appreciating my time.

23. I will break out into song and dance randomly on a daily basis. I’ll belt out whatever song comes to mind and start dancing to the beat. I usually have a song stuck in my head the moment I wake up. Once I start singing it, I know it’s time to get up.. is the weird?

24. I recently made a “Janeece’s Life Book” to help me prioritize and organize my life in general. The taps say: goals, to do, calendar, marriage and family, church and motivation, career and education, projects and events, and health and wellness. I’m in the process of filling it.

25. Some other random hobbies include reading, playing volleyball, and shopping. I would like to learn how to ride a horse, learn how to cook some cool recipes, and getting into volunteer stuff.

26. I love spending time with my family and friends no matter what we are doing. Talking, eating, playing games, whatever as long as we are together.

27. I get detracted easily and I’m a little spacey. When I talk to someone I will go off topic, get excited about something else then talk about that topic, interrupt, listen, then forget what we were talking about in the first place, so then I’ll go on to something new.

28. I kept thinking of things about me so I didn’t stop at 25. I guess I like to do things my way. Although, I can be easy going too.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Was Full of Fun!! I stayed at my parents' house in Sacramento for a week to help babysit my brother’s 4 kids, while him and his wife went on a cruise. I had soooo much fun with my nieces and nephew. We played in a water fountain, saw Madagascar 2, and hung out. I loved it!

Spencer Allysen, Savannah, Janelle

When I got home from Sac, my husband threw me a surprise party for my 24th birthday! He knows that I like, yet at the same time don’t like surprises, so he first told me that he made dinner reservations. When the time came to go to dinner, he fessed up and told me about the surprise party an hour before guest were scheduled to arrive . A surprise, yet not too much of a surprise...clever! It was perfect, and I was so impressed! Lots of my friends came and we had a good time together. My husband is fantastic!

I also went to the Twilight movie party. A bunch of us girls got together and went to Rosa's Italian Restaurant and then saw Twilight together. Amber rocks for planning it! It was actually a pretty good movie too. I dragged Mike to it a week later. He liked it, yet he was truelly upset that they didn't follow "vampire protocal". This was our conversation..
Mike-"Vampire's don't have reflections in the mirror or water!"
Me- "These are different kind of vampires. They have reflections"
Mike- "But if you are going to make a movie about vampires then you need to follow the rules such as.. they drink blood, they don't go in the sun, and they don't have reflections!"
Me- " Yes; However, vampires are fictional characters. Therefore Stephanie Meyer can create the characters however she wants"
Mike- "Fine, but don't call them vampires then"
Me- "Whatever...go watch Van Helsing"
It was an intense topic! :-)

Mandee, Peggy, and Me

Then Thanksgiving rolled around. Since I had just been to Sacramento and Mike’s family lives in Utah, we decided to stay in Visalia and do our own Thanksgiving...just the 2 of us! I was so excited to cook my own Thanksgiving dinner for the 1st time! I found some cool new recipes on the internet and everything turned out great! That's Mike looking at the ads from the paper, while watching football. Typical Thanksgiving event!

Mike and I even got a little crafty the day after Thanksgiving and made a Christmas wreath. It’s cute huh?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good times!!

Where to begin... there has been so much fun stuff going on that it is hard to decide what to blog about. It's especially difficult seeing as how I haven't kept up on my blogging duties.. But I'm doing it now! Peggy would be proud :-)--love you girl-- So lets do a brief synopses..this will be fun!

I quit my job in October. For those of you that don't know, I was an account manager for Knight Transportation for about a year and a half. It was a great/ stressful/ crazy/ fun job. I liked it and I was dang good at it, but the problem was that both my husband and I were working a ton. Me 9-12 hours during the day, and him 9-12 hours at night. It just wasn't working, so we decided to make some changes and see each other more. We can actually go on dates now... it's fantastic! It's definitely weird going from career oriented woman to a stay at home wife. I'll probably get a part time job or take some classes or something... I haven't decided...but I am enjoying the time I have for my family and friends now, and the time I have for just about anything I want to do. It's quite liberating! I feel like now I am having so many more experiences with my family and friends that I wasn't able to have before because I was working so much and just so focused on my job. Maybe I'm catching up on lost time. If there is one thing I learned about life from working at Knight it is that life is not based on money or your possessions, yet it is based on the people in your life and the love and experiences you share together! There are so many experiences I want to share so bear with me while I indulge and disclose all!

October- I spent a week with Mike in Victorville while he was opening a new Winco store there. We were able to bring Mary Jane and stay in a hotel that Winco provided for us. It was great! We also dressed up like cowboys for Halloween, and went to a place called Hobbs Grove with Lessan, Wes, and her kids, which had an amazing haunted house and haunted forest. I think everyone was having the most fun just watching me get freaked out!

I'm going to do November on the next blog because my pictures are getting messed up. I'm not a pro at this yet. To be continued...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wade Christmas List

Blake- Breanna
Michelle- Stephen
Savannah- Bryson
Janelle- Ryan
Allysen- Janeece
Spencer- Aspynn

Aaron- Janelle
Heather- Savannah
Connor- Spencer
Bryson- Michelle
Breanna- Allysen

Curt- Mike
Jordan- Blake
Aspynn- Aaron
Angela- Kyrsten
Alan- Connor

Ryan- Julie
Kyrsten- Alan

Julie- Angela
Stephen- Curt

Janeece- Jordan
Mike- Heather

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trip to Hearst Castle

Mike and I took a day trip to Hearst Castle on August 16th, which is the 3rd most visited attraction in California topped by Yosemite and Disneyland. We both had the weekend off, which rarely happens, so we said what the heck...let's go! It took us about 2 1/2 hours to get there, but it wasn't bad because we drove through some really pretty areas with vineyards lining the hilltops and waves crashing the shore. I'm glad I bought our tour tickets online because they were sold out when we got there. The castle was beautiful! Makes me wonder how it's really possible for one person to be so rich. I mean this guy had major cash. It's as close to a castle as you're going to get in America, for sure. We made sure to see the movie and go through the souviner shop...a must for tourists. Mike and I are into collecting magnets from the places we go, so we had to grab one course. After a thorough tourist experience, we headed down to the San Simeon Beach. It was getting late and a little chilly, so we just put our feet in, took a walk, and enjoyed the incredible scenery. We didn't get home til about midnight that night, but it was well worth it. Some times I feel as if Mike and I just work our lives a way and don't take time for the people and experiences that really matter in life. This trip was a short, yet significant start to enjoying life, places, and the people that come with it.

About Mike and Janeece

Mike and I have been happily married for just over 5 years now, and we live in Visalia, CA, which is a small farm town right next to the Sequioa National Park. Mike works as a 1st assistant manager for WinCo, and I work as a customer service manager for Knight Transportation. We have 2 children. Mary Jane, our miniature poodle and Buddy, our black lab. We love boating, camping, watching movies, trying new restaurants, and just plain spending time with our family and friends.