Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good times!!

Where to begin... there has been so much fun stuff going on that it is hard to decide what to blog about. It's especially difficult seeing as how I haven't kept up on my blogging duties.. But I'm doing it now! Peggy would be proud :-)--love you girl-- So lets do a brief synopses..this will be fun!

I quit my job in October. For those of you that don't know, I was an account manager for Knight Transportation for about a year and a half. It was a great/ stressful/ crazy/ fun job. I liked it and I was dang good at it, but the problem was that both my husband and I were working a ton. Me 9-12 hours during the day, and him 9-12 hours at night. It just wasn't working, so we decided to make some changes and see each other more. We can actually go on dates now... it's fantastic! It's definitely weird going from career oriented woman to a stay at home wife. I'll probably get a part time job or take some classes or something... I haven't decided...but I am enjoying the time I have for my family and friends now, and the time I have for just about anything I want to do. It's quite liberating! I feel like now I am having so many more experiences with my family and friends that I wasn't able to have before because I was working so much and just so focused on my job. Maybe I'm catching up on lost time. If there is one thing I learned about life from working at Knight it is that life is not based on money or your possessions, yet it is based on the people in your life and the love and experiences you share together! There are so many experiences I want to share so bear with me while I indulge and disclose all!

October- I spent a week with Mike in Victorville while he was opening a new Winco store there. We were able to bring Mary Jane and stay in a hotel that Winco provided for us. It was great! We also dressed up like cowboys for Halloween, and went to a place called Hobbs Grove with Lessan, Wes, and her kids, which had an amazing haunted house and haunted forest. I think everyone was having the most fun just watching me get freaked out!

I'm going to do November on the next blog because my pictures are getting messed up. I'm not a pro at this yet. To be continued...


Chelle Belle said...

It is good to know that you are still around! LOL If you keep your blog up then maybe I can too! I still need to come down there but seeing as Blake is not allowed to drive yet it might be a while.