Friday, January 16, 2009


Was Full of Fun!! I stayed at my parents' house in Sacramento for a week to help babysit my brother’s 4 kids, while him and his wife went on a cruise. I had soooo much fun with my nieces and nephew. We played in a water fountain, saw Madagascar 2, and hung out. I loved it!

Spencer Allysen, Savannah, Janelle

When I got home from Sac, my husband threw me a surprise party for my 24th birthday! He knows that I like, yet at the same time don’t like surprises, so he first told me that he made dinner reservations. When the time came to go to dinner, he fessed up and told me about the surprise party an hour before guest were scheduled to arrive . A surprise, yet not too much of a surprise...clever! It was perfect, and I was so impressed! Lots of my friends came and we had a good time together. My husband is fantastic!

I also went to the Twilight movie party. A bunch of us girls got together and went to Rosa's Italian Restaurant and then saw Twilight together. Amber rocks for planning it! It was actually a pretty good movie too. I dragged Mike to it a week later. He liked it, yet he was truelly upset that they didn't follow "vampire protocal". This was our conversation..
Mike-"Vampire's don't have reflections in the mirror or water!"
Me- "These are different kind of vampires. They have reflections"
Mike- "But if you are going to make a movie about vampires then you need to follow the rules such as.. they drink blood, they don't go in the sun, and they don't have reflections!"
Me- " Yes; However, vampires are fictional characters. Therefore Stephanie Meyer can create the characters however she wants"
Mike- "Fine, but don't call them vampires then"
Me- "Whatever...go watch Van Helsing"
It was an intense topic! :-)

Mandee, Peggy, and Me

Then Thanksgiving rolled around. Since I had just been to Sacramento and Mike’s family lives in Utah, we decided to stay in Visalia and do our own Thanksgiving...just the 2 of us! I was so excited to cook my own Thanksgiving dinner for the 1st time! I found some cool new recipes on the internet and everything turned out great! That's Mike looking at the ads from the paper, while watching football. Typical Thanksgiving event!

Mike and I even got a little crafty the day after Thanksgiving and made a Christmas wreath. It’s cute huh?


Amber, Dan, and Fam said...

Yay, you're posting on your blog. ;)

LOL at your convo with Mike about vampires.

Jeanna B. said...

Look at your super yummy Thanksgiving! It looks delish! Who would have little neece...all domesticated :) Love you Long Time!